ICU Medical Care Air Ambulance in Delhi with Doctors Service by Medivic Aviation

Medivic Aviation air ambulance provides medical Evacuations for Patients in Critical Medical Conditions, using both air, train and ground ambulances. Medivic Aviation air ambulance services Delhi, India – Air Ambulances are fitted with advanced life saving equipments to respond any medical emergency, including intensive care cases. Medivic Aviation air ambulance in Delhi, India provides experienced Doctors  & Nurses to accompany patient. We transfer the patient’s bed to bed service at low, cost and fast medical doctor’s facilities. We provide world class medical care ICU air ambulance services from Delhi to any city or any hospital transfer the patients and save the life.


King India has a Specialized Team of 40 Doctors from Different Specialties (Emergency & Trauma, Cardiology, Anaesthesia & Critical Care, and Paediatric & Neonate Intensives) ever ready to provide on board Critical Care Support with well qualified doctors and paramedical staff. Medivic Aviation team has the largest Air evacuation experience of More than 5000 Patients. We provide 24 hours medical air and train ambulance service one city to another city at low cost and fast shifting. We provide hi-tech ICU setup air and train ambulance services from Delhi to any state or any major hospital transfer the patients with medical emergency service. We also avail charter air ambulance in Patna, Bihar at low rate and shift the patients any hospital with doctors facilities.


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