ICU Medical Care Air Ambulance in Delhi with Doctors Service by Medivic Aviation

Medivic Aviation air ambulance provides medical Evacuations for Patients in Critical Medical Conditions, using both air, train and ground ambulances. Medivic Aviation air ambulance services Delhi, India – Air Ambulances are fitted with advanced life saving equipments to respond any medical emergency, including intensive care cases. Medivic Aviation air ambulance in Delhi, India provides experienced Doctors  & Nurses to accompany patient. We transfer the patient’s bed to bed service at low, cost and fast medical doctor’s facilities. We provide world class medical care ICU air ambulance services from Delhi to any city or any hospital transfer the patients and save the life.


King India has a Specialized Team of 40 Doctors from Different Specialties (Emergency & Trauma, Cardiology, Anaesthesia & Critical Care, and Paediatric & Neonate Intensives) ever ready to provide on board Critical Care Support with well qualified doctors and paramedical staff. Medivic Aviation team has the largest Air evacuation experience of More than 5000 Patients. We provide 24 hours medical air and train ambulance service one city to another city at low cost and fast shifting. We provide hi-tech ICU setup air and train ambulance services from Delhi to any state or any major hospital transfer the patients with medical emergency service. We also avail charter air ambulance in Patna, Bihar at low rate and shift the patients any hospital with doctors facilities.


Get Low Fare Air Ambulance Service in Delhi by Medivic Aviation

Medivic Air Ambulance in Delhi to shift their Patient easily with Medical equipment. Medivic Air Ambulance Services has made its place at the top of all other service providers available in Delhi not only by providing quick and best Air Ambulance Service in Delhi along with emergency medications and other necessary medical facilities, anyone can do this but the thing that actually matters the most how much the service providers charges for their services made it easy to hire an Air Ambulance from Delhi safe to transfer a patient in a very cost effective manner and also made air ambulance services within the reach of a common man.

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Medivic Air Ambulance Services offers a very low fare Air Ambulance in Delhi along, it uses different types of aircraft mainly a private jet because nothing can match the safety, comfort and speed level of a private jet this aircraft is made completely medical configured with hi-tech ICU equipment like Ventilator, Broad Spectrum, Cardiac Monitor, Multichannel IV pump and much more used to provide sufficient treatment and take care of the patient during the transit. Air Ambulance from Patna is always ready to go anywhere.

Quick Medical Air Ambulance Services from Delhi with Doctors Team at Low Cost

Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Company offers appropriate medical air ambulance in Delhi and transfer the patients any hospital at low fare. We serve the people in Delhi with domestic and international commercial and charter aircraft. There will be a doctor and a nurse with the patient throughout the transfer at low price. We take care of the need of the fast transportation service to the one hospital to another hospital shift the patients. Medivic Aviation unique assistance is available at the airport for comfortable and quick boarding. Our aircrafts are fully ICU equipped with portable life saving equipment like ventilators, monitors, pacemakers, oxygen cylinders, stretchers and other requirements emergency facilities. The patient’s condition and provide best nursing care on the flight. Our company offers quick responsive services in the terms of ambulance services and train services at the time of any medical emergency. We transfer the patients any hospital at a time and transfer the patents any hospital at low fare. Our also medical air services from Patna to Delhi, Delhi to Mumbai, Delhi to Chennai, Delhi to Vellore ,Delhi to Hyderabad and any other city at low cost. We provide 24x7x365 days at low cost and fast patients’ transportation.

Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance

Type of Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Services:

Charter Air Craft with full ICU Services

Commercial Air Craft at Low Cost

Three treatment levels depending on the needs of the patient:

Critical Care Transport with all Emergency Medical Equipments

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Experienced & Highly Trained Medical Staff, Private Charter Air Ambulance Services in Mumbai and Patna with ICU, Doctors Facilities at Low Cost

Medivic Aviation Air and Train Ambulance company provides best and fast ICU facilities air ambulance services in Patna to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore shit the ill patient safety is the particular most important feature to be considered when deciding whether to transport a ill patient by  Charter air ambulance services  with Doctors facilities.

Medivic Aviation

Air Ambulance Service for Ill Patients Anywhere in Mumbai and Global

Medivic Aviation air ambulance service Mumbai is designed to take the constant worry of medical flight organization completely off your hands and shift the patients and save the life. We have a team of friendly and well knowledgeable medical transportation flight coordinators standing by 24×7, ready to arrangement and manage every detail of a ill patient’s medical transfer, including doctors  facilities ground transportation in the departure and arrival  another cities. Medivic Aviation provides private aircraft transportation from Mumbai to all over India and global vice-versa, and a personalized medical staff and doctor’s team avail in Mumbai (Bombay). Medivic Aviation All members of our medical team have at least seven years of ICU, PICU, CCU, NICU or CCU experience. Our air ambulance service in Mumbai separately from other international shifting the ill patients for better treatments and save the life, so you need then contact any time for medical transport at low fare and quality based medical air ambulance in Mumbai (Bombay) avail.

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Best and Fast Hi-Tech Modern ICU facilities Air Ambulance Delhi with Doctors Facilities

Hi guys, I am Monika Chaturvedi from Patliputra, Patna. Right now, I am residing here with my joint family with the most charming life. I am doing my graduation from Patna University and the rest of my family like Uncle and Aunty are residing in Delhi. My father is a lawyer in High Court Patna and I have two brothers and two sisters all of my family member are enjoying their life happily. But friends, as you know God alone knows what is the next step of life; it happened with my family when I was in college and my grandfather got heart attack and he was admitted in Patna hospital, and the doctor of this hospital answered us to take him Delhi or other cities here we could not treat him proper or as per patient’s diagnosis. Our family became very upset and my father was worried by observing the bad situation. We needed the ICU emergency services to shift him to Delhi under the keen inspection of medical team therefore we became more tension. My uncle who listened to this accident he suggested us that Medivic Aviation in Patna is the best air ambulance provider which is fully well-equipped with advance medical team and escorts and it has the lowest cost than others. By hook or crook, we booked the call for Air Ambulance Service in Patna from Medivic Aviation in Patna for our unwell grandfather.


As we booked the call then after Medivic Aviation Medical team has approached us within a little time and picked my grandfather from Patna hospital and shifted him to Delhi hospital where they needed to get his treated. Having reached there, our grandfather got the treatment and became and recovered his life again and again. Really, the service and cost of Medivic Aviation from Patna to Delhi or vice-versa is very economical and reliable and totally bed to bed super quality management which has the best option for the serious patients all the time. Thanks to all the medical team members of Medivic Aviation from the core of my heart. We also visit  more information air ambulance services in Delhi same facilities with hi-tech ICU, premedical staff, top doctors team, best charter ambulance avail 24hours at low cost

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Medical Air Ambulance Services from Delhi and Patna with Emergency Medical facilities and Top Doctors Team

Medivic Aviation medical air ambulance the medical air ambulance means it’s the art of aero medical team of aeronautical and medical experts to deliver the best service in India and the world of saving life in high .Medical transfer facility is medical team,top doctor, aero nurse, tele medicine, Ventilator support, cardiac monitor, syringe pumb, oxygen, emergency medicine and best medical  services.

The advantages of medical transport by Charter Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft may include providing a higher level of medical care at the scene of any kind of emergency’s to help air ambulance services with medical transport facilities from Delhi to shift any city in India and global. The golden hour of critical situation will be taken care in medical emergency air ambulance services form Delhi by Medivic Aviation. Exceptionally stringent criteria can prevent speedy emergency medical care and transport with ICU services criteria can result in the embarrassing and costly situation of tranche ground responder’s ability to determine whether the patient’s condition warrants air medical transport. Protocols and training must be developed to ensure appropriate triage criteria are applied. Medical Medivic air ambulance will be provided in worldwide by Medivic Aviation.


Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Service national and International Medical Emergency Facilities

When time counts we will fly from dreamland to help you all hence point in time saved is a life saved. Time saving solutions through Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Services from Delhi any city in India and global. Patient the fastest means to medical help, Medical Air Transport needs to be underscored by Medivic Aviation air ambulance service that guarantees care, reliability and confidence. Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance service that is available 24×7, Air Ambulance Services aims at providing a best medical facilities air ambulance services from Patna with life saving emergency and advance medical help.

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